A short Biodata of Allama Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya


A short Biodata of Allama Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya
2nd Amir-e-Shariath of North East India– .

Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya-was born on 26th June, 1931 at Rangauti, Hailakandi. After completing his primary education, he was admitted in Hailakandi Senior Madrassa.

He secured 1st position in First Divisions in Intermediate & F.M. Examinations and 1st position in 1st Class in M.M. Examination under the State Madrassa Education Board, Assam in 1957. He also stood 1st Class 1st in M.A. (Arabic) Examination under Gauhati University in 1971 and obtained Gold Medal. He also achieved Bisharad Degree in Hindi in 1955.During his student life,

he was engaged in Indias’ freedom struggle as a member of Congress-JamiatUlama Hind organization. Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya actively took part in the electioneering campaign in favour of Abdul Matlib Mazumder, a nationalist candidate in the election of1946 to the Legislative Assembly of Assam. As a nationalist minded student leader, he vehemently opposed the scheme of partition and worked a lot to spearhead the campaign of the nationalist group in Surma Valley. Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya started his brilliant and distinguished career as an Assistant Teacher(Hindi) in 1957 at Hailakandi Senior Madrassa.

Moulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya had retired as Superintendent of the said Madrassa.He is a great author and learned scholar in English, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu subjects. He has writtena good number of scholarly works, which bears the testimony of his depth of knowledge in different themes.

His works include the following. 1. Tharikhul Ulumil Arabiyah. (History of Arabic Literature ) 2 . Nukbatul Adab. ( Arabic ) 3. Ath-ThahkiqatulMufidah. (Arabic ) 4. Qurbani O Aqiqah. 5. Sadkah–e-Fitr. 6. Ahkam-e-Hajj. 7. Idd O Betarbarta . 8. Nijam–e-Jama’th. 9. Namajer Kunji. 10. Aetakaf 11. Khajegan-e-Chisth. 12. Jiyarat –e–Madinah. 13. Tarikather Adi Katha 14. Hajj O Jiarath 15. Muslim Bektigatho Ayen Banam Sama Dedani Bidhi.

Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya was honoured with “Efficiency Award, by the Central Walkf Council, Ministry of Law, the Govt. of India. He was also awarded the most prestigious “ President Award, or National Award by the President of India for his ideal teachership. As a recognition of his brilliant academic and social status he was also awarded various other awards like Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury Memorial Award, Sarada Charan Dey Memorial Award, Mukta Kanta Award, M. Q. H. Award.His scholarly works were highly appreciated in the academic field and the State Madrassa Education Board, Assam is following two of his scholarly books in their course curriculum. It was due to his profound knowledge in Islamic Laws and Shariah, Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya is unanimously called “Allama”, i.e. the great learned.

However, Allama Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya was a favorite student and disciple of Hazrat Abdul Jalil Choudhury (R). It was after the death of Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury (R), the 1st Amir-e- Shariath, on 19th December, 1989, the Arbab-e-Hall and Aqd on the same day unanimously selected Allama Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya as the 2nd Amir-e-Shariathof North East India.

Allama Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya is an outstanding and popular figure in North East India, who is honored and respected both by academic, intellectual and political personalities of both Muslims and non- Muslims.

He was a founder Working Committee Member of All India Milli Council. He was selected as patron of the organizations for two terms. He was also Working Committee Member of All India Muslim Majlis–e-Mushawarath for a long time He has been working as Working Committee Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board from 1991.


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